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Dragon Medical
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500,000 Physicians Can't Be Wrong.

Regardless of the size of the medical practice or the number of doctors using the software, Dragon Medical Practice 4 will pay for itself within 2 Months of Use.
Save Over $12,000 a Year Using Our Software.


See more Patients

Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, lets clinicians spend more time with patients.


Reduce Transcription

Eliminate the need for annual transcription costs , re-sending docs. & improve work flow.

Enhance Documents

Documentation with Dragon Medical results in higher rates of reimbursement for doctors.


If you’re looking for a modern, efficient way to do your documentation, there isn’t anything better


More Than Just Voice-to-Text Software
Dragon Medical is 20 Years of Research, Development & Improvements

Faster Than Typing

Dragon keeps up with even the fastest speakers, ensuring minimal proofreading while maintaining accuracy.


Write Hard Medical Terms

Dragon’s medical library is equipped with over 90 medical terms doctors use daily, making transcription a breeze.

Gets Rid of Filler Words

Dragon uses advanced speech algorithms that adapt to your voice for continuous improvement.


Correcting Words is Easy

Dragon saves users from continuous manual changes due to its comprehensive medical vocabulary.

Always HIPAA Compliant

Patients’ private data will always be safe since Dragon functions without any cloud connections, giving you peace of mind.


Nuance Dragon Medical 4

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 introduces a faster and more accurate technology with enhanced features that streamline the process of dictation, navigation, and record completion. The quickest way to elevate your reimbursement level is through meaningful use of your EHR

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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the best a Physician can get.
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