Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 is the Software Doctors Want

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With the government-mandated switch to EHR/EMR, doctors everywhere, and of every specialty and sub-specialty, are looking for fast, easy ways to make the switch to speech-recognition software. Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the leading speech-recognition solution available today. It provides doctors with the tools they need to produce high-quality, fully HIPAA-compliant patient documentation in a fraction of the time spent using other speech-recognition software.

Dragon Medical Presence in Medical Practices Across the Globe  

Dragon Medical Dictation is currently used by more than 500,000 physicians. It has documented over 300 million patient stories. More than 10,000 healthcare organizations across the globe use the product. Dragon Medical partners with over 150 Emergency Health Records services. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 by Nuance, offers physicians 45% reduction in their time spent documenting. This allows more time for patient care and advanced practices. Dragon Medical offers medical dictation for over 90 specialties and subspecialties. Dragon Medical software is diverse and accessible to thousands of doctors.  

What does Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 have to offer to physicians?  


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 offers physicians 99% accuracy out of the box before voice profile training. This is a significant improvement over Practice Edition 2. The software’s unique acoustic models are designed for the way physicians speak. The software focuses on integrating audio, syntax, style and structure. Dragon Medical is developing to continually learn from its user and the environment where the software is being used. The medical dictation can adapt to the user’s voice and function in any environment.  

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has more uses than narrative dictation. The software can also access websites and select web-based applications. These functions make Dragon Medical more user friendly.  

Features and Customization 

Dragon Medical has popular features making the dictation process customary to the physician. It is an opportunity to record accurate, detailed patient information in an efficient and effective manner. The popular features are displayed on the Dragon Bar. The Dragon Bar can be displayed or hidden when not in use to free up more screen space.  

Integrated within the software, there is contextual guidance and productivity tips. The tips are integrated with the technology to help the users get the most out of their dictation software 

Simple Installation Process 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is easy to install and easy to use. The software requires 8GB of available hard drive space and 4GB of RAM. The installation can be done on Internet Explorer 11 or higher or any version of Google Chrome. The software can be downloaded via a CD ROM Drive or a digital download.  

Reasons to Buy Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical allows practicing physicians to enhance their productivity and satisfaction while dictating. The time physicians will save from dictating with Dragon Medical will make more time for what is important 

Picking the Best Microphone and Dictation Devices for your Clinic 

There are many different microphones and dictation devices available. Depending on the type of medicine you are practicing as well as your environment. Each microphone meets the needs of various professionals. Making tasks like dictating patient information effective and efficient. Some of the different mike choices include:  

· Phillips Speech Mike Premium Air  

· Power Mic III  

· Phillips Speechmike Premium  

· Olympus Dictation Devices  

· VEC-GN-USB-2 Goose  

· Gooseneck: Hands free dictation  

· xBlue Parrott Xpresway with Bluetooth Adapter  

The most used microphone is the Power Mic III. This microphone integrates with the Dragon Medical software. The Power Mic III has excellent noise cancelling ability and button customization.  

The Phillips Speechmike Premium also has excellent voice cancelling ability. Although it does not have the same capability as the as the power mic for button customization. The Speechmike is for Mac users. The mike can easily integrate with Mac OS compared to the Power Mic III or the Olympus Dictation Device.  

Olympus Dictation Devices have voice cancelling capabilities. Suited for doctors who are on the go a lot and not able to dictate directly into a computer.  

All three microphones are good choices for a medical clinic. When picking a microphone the user should look for the a user friendly, efficient device.  

Phillips Speech Mike Premium Air is a cordless mike with a life span up to 23 three hours. This high-speed mike allows doctors to walk around and record their notes up to 10 feet away. The ability to move freely makes it easy for doctors who work in fast passed hospitals. Additional docking stations can be purchased separately allowing the mike to move from room to room. As soon as the mike is placed back into a docking station the mike will upload to files to the computer.  


5 strengths of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 for PC

  1. Quality of the speech recognition algorithm 
  2. Ability to install on multiple machines 
  3. More advanced custom demands and templates
  4. Ability to do remote transcription with a cellphone app or voice recorder 
  5. Ability to work with an administrator to do edit transcriptions 

The Difference Between Mac and PC Dragon Medical

Dragon Medical for Windows is rich with features. The majority of doctors use Windows Dragon Medical along with their preferred practice management software.

Many individuals have fallen in love with the reliability, design and hardware that Mac has to offer. Macs have a reputation for being user friendly and less likely to become infected with viruses. Today, Mac is not that much more user friendly than a PC. As PCs continue to develop, they are comparable on to Macs in relation to user ability. For those who choose Macs there are options to receive a better dictation experience. 

The PC Version of Dragon Medical is an overall better product. It has more features and better accuracy. If you use a Mac for dictating or work at a practice which uses only Mac computers it does not mean that you cannot benefit from the PC features. There are two different ways to get the PC version onto your Mac. 

  1. Parallels 
  2. Boot Camp

Keep reading for more information about what system might be best for your practice. 


Parallels Images.png

Parallels is a virtualization software. It creates what we call a virtual machine. It runs in parallel with your existing operating system. If you install parallels you can run windows on your existing Mac. 

Parallels uses a lot of space on a computer. Using parallels is like running two computers inside one. Many computers do have enough space to run two systems and all of their features. In addition to the space, parallels can make it difficult to get some USB devices running. 

Boot Camp


Boot Camp is another option. Book Camp says, "Okay Mac, you are going to be a PC". So when you turn on your Mac you hold in the in the options key and it will prompt you to turn it on in Windows or in Mac. This way, when you want to dictate you can select the PC format and use Dragon Medical for Windows. Through Boot Camp you can get all of the processing power, no USB issues and the leading medical dictation equipment.

Prerecorded Documentation

 If you are recording via voice recorder or have a third party take your notes and then transcribe them you cannot do that on the Mac Version. On the Windows version of Dragon Medical you can record on external devices, voice recorders and cell phones. 

At the end of the day if you are looking for just dictating directly into the software then you want to use the Mac OS then the Mac Software might be right for you. What we have found in years of selling both, we find that most come back and buy the Windows version. Most of the time if a person is looking for speech dictation than that means that they do not want to type.  

 Microphones for Macs and PCs

For doctors running their software on Windows the Power Mic III is the best option. The Power Mic III is built by Nuance, the same company that built the software. 

If you are using a Mac with the Mac Software, we recommend the Speech Mike Premium 3500. It is a great device, it is wireless and can be used in multiple rooms. The Speech Mike is very sophisticated device and a close contender for the Power Mic III. 


Our Tech Support Team would be happy to discuss software options with you and facilitate your tech support in order to get you set up for success when it comes to dictating and saving hours daily. We are here to help!