Olympus RM-4110

Olympus RM-4110


The RM-4110 would be a top recommendation for anyone using Dragon Dictation. The noise cancelling functionality coupled with the dual microphone design will ensure a clean uninterrupted dictation in even the noisiest of environments. This is imperative in veterinary practices as they are a source of loud background noise.

The Microphone itself has an intuitive configuration that integrates seamlessly with Dragon allowing you to use the software to it’s full potential. The buttons can be mapped however the vet likes, or they can choose the default settings. The entire mic in cased in antimicrobial coating with will ensure that the dictation remains sanitary during and after use.

Features :

-Professional studio quality filtering

-Antimicrobial housing

-Intuitive Configuration

-Press and play recording

-Trackball mouse control

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