Common Questions About User Profiles

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Common Questions About User Profiles

One thing we get asked fairly frequently here at Dragon Medical Canada is user profile information, something I thought I’d shed some light on. Everything below applies to both Dragon Medical Practice Edition for Mac and PC

The most frequently asked question about profiles are whether you can have more than one on the same computer. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 allows for more than one profile on each computer. This can be different profiles for different vocabularies or for different individuals such as yourself and your receptionist, or yourself and a colleague. It is important when setting up user profiles to do a new one for each person as Dragon learns constantly from listening to you. Your mannerisms, accent, way of speaking, commonly used words/phrases; it is all captured by Dragon and put into its algorithm to make Dragon more accurate as you use it more. It is therefore important to never let anybody use your profile as it will do nothing but confuse Dragon and reduce accuracy in the long run.

The next question we get asked all the time about profiles is related to sharing across more than one computer. In many clinics we help equip with Dragon, there is more than one exam room and therefore the user is dictating onto more than one computer. Dragon profiles have the capability to sync up across numerous computers allowing your vocabulary, commands, templates and accuracy training to be synced up across all computers you use it on making it ideal for larger clinics and practices with more than one exam room. You have the option to choose how frequently Dragon syncs up across all computers from numerous times a day to once a week depending on your preferences.

The last question about profiles we get asked all the time is if more than one device can be used with a profile, the answer to that is yes. Once the profile is set up you’ll simply need to add another device to it. This is important to make sure that if you use both a microphone at your desk and recorder on the go, all of your hard work personalizing your profile carries across all devices to ensure the best user experience from Dragon.

There you go, those are the top three questions we get about user profiles here at Dragon Medical Canada. If you have any other questions or would like to add to the discussion, feel free to comment below.