Top Questions

+ Can I share my version of Dragon with other doctors?

No, each doctor must purchase their own copy of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. A receptionist, admin, transcriptionist or anyone who inputs data in patient charts on your behalf may share your install of Dragon, but each doctor will need their own license.

+ Why is there such a huge price difference between the Mac and PC version?

Short answer: The Mac and PC version are different products. Long answer: The Mac and PC versions, while both dictation products differ in many other respects. The PC version allows for advanced scripting functionality, increased accent support, and greater integration with EMR/EHRs. The PC version also supports the Nuance PowerMic II and PowerMic III while the Mac version does not. For the Mac version we recommend the Philips SpeechMike 3500.

+ Is Dragon a one time purchase or subscription?

A license of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is a one time purchase.

+ List of compatible EMR/EHRs?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 allows you to dictate anywhere there is a flashing cursor on your screen ensuring that no matter what EMR/EHR system you use, Dragon will integrate. For web based ones, Dragon works best with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. For systems that use an RDP connection, Dragon also works over RDP.

+ Can I see Dragon live?

We offer remote demos as well as we hold webinars. To view them please click here.

+ What are the differences between front and back end transcription?

Front-end transcription is done live with a microphone directly into the computer or patient chart. This allows the doctor to run templates and immediately correct any mistakes in real time. Back-end transcription is when the doctor dictates into a voice recorder and the recording is transcribed after the fact into a text file which can then be copy and pasted into the patient charts.


+ How many computers can Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 be installed on?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 can be installed on up to 4 computers simultaneously. If you are upgrading computers, simply uninstall Dragon from your old computer, that will deactivate that current computer and re-install it on your new computer.

+ How do I install Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 on my computer?

When you purchase Dragon Medical, you will have the option to receive a download link which will allow you to install shortly after purchasing. You will also be sent a box with an install CD that will have Dragon on it if you are unable to download it.

+ I get an install error, what should I do?

If you used your download link, ensure you un-zip the file and try again. If you are still getting errors please call us at 877-422-2479 or chat with us in our live chat between the hours of 9-5:30 EST.

+ Can I use Dragon at home and at work?

Yes. You may have Dragon Medical installed on both your home and work PC's as well as you can us a remote desktop connection to connect into your work PC.

+ What are the system requirements?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 system requirements are as follows: 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor. 5GB hard drive space. 4GB RAM. Supported OS, 7, 8, 10.

Medical Vocabularies

+ Is my area of medicine covered?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 comes with over 90 medical sub specialties built in, 30 more than the previous version of Dragon Medical.

+ What if I practice 2 types of Medicine?

Dragon Medical allows you to have more than one medical vocabulary linked to your profile. For assistance in adding a second vocabulary to your profile, please contact us at 877-422-2479 or use our live chat.


+ What type of support is included with your product?

More information can be found here.

+ Where do I get training for Dragon Medical?

Dragon Medical has a built in tutorial and interactive tutorial that will take you through many key features of Dragon. If you require further training we offer many training packages ranging from a half hour of training up to 4 hours of training depending on your needs. For more information please call (877) 422-2479.


+ Is my EMR/EHR compatible?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 allows you to dictate anywhere there is a flashing cursor. In previous versions of Dragon you needed to dictate into a box within Dragon and then copy it over into your EMR/EHR but with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, anywhere the cursor is you can dictate.

+ What type of microphone do I need?

Any microphone will be compatible, however it is highly recommended you do not use the built in microphone to your computer as that is very low quality. It is recommended that you use at least a USB microphone and preferably a noise cancelling one. For a list of recommended microphones from Dragon Medical Canada, please click here.

+ Can I control my computer by voice or just type?

With Dragon Medical you are able to do so much more than just dictating. You can use your voice to call up templates, execute commands, run programs, move your mouse and even automate repetitive tasks! For full training on what Dragon can do and how to control your computer, please consider one of our training packages.

Upgrading and Previous Versions

+ What happens when a new version comes out?

When a new version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition comes out, you will have the option to upgrade at a reduced fee relative to a new license. It is not mandatory to upgrade and the functionality of your Dragon will not be affected by a new release.

+ Can I upgrade from Dragon Naturally Speaking or Professional to Medical?

No. Only Dragon Medical can be upgraded to a newer version of Dragon Medical. If you are currently using Dragon Naturally Speaking, you will need to purchase a new license at full price.

+ Can my profile be moved over to Dragon Medical from Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Parts of it can. Your vocabulary and commands can all be saved, but the training that has been done unfortunately cannot. When upgrading from a previous version of Dragon Medical however you can keep your entire profile.

Whats new in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?

+ What features does Dragon Medical have that Naturally Speaking doesn't?

To start, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 allows for installs on up to 4 computers, whereas Dragon Naturally Speaking only allows on one computer. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 allows the user to dictate anywhere there is a flashing cursor rather than having to dictate into Dragon and copy-paste over to your desired application.

  • Dragon Medical Accent Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 features regional accent support to ensure that no matter where you are from you are able to use Dragon effectively. The accents in Dragon are as follows: Standard accented English, Australian accented English, British accented English, Indian accented English, Inland Northern US (Great Lakes) accented English, Pakistani accented English, Southeast Asian accented English, Southern US accented English and Spanish accented English.

  • More Medical Vocabularies: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 has 90 medical sub-specialty vocabularies built in, up from 60 in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1. Please click here for a full list.

  • Increased Accuracy: Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is over 20% more accurate than Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1.