Why Upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?

Clinicians and physicians can expect to enjoy a more productive and pleasing work environment after upgrading to Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 thanks to new features built into this generation. This is a golden opportunity for resellers to grow their business by meeting the ever-increasing needs of customers.

Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is now 99% accurate straight ‘out of the box,’ thanks to new regional accent support and improved medical vocabularies, and is now up to three times faster than the traditional method of transcribing audio recordings. It is already the choice of over 180,000 physicians worldwide, making it the most widely used speech recognition software in the industry.  

Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is the perfect product to help businesses thrive and grow

New Features

More accurate than ever

99% accurate out of the box and 20% more accurate than previous versions

Larger Medical Vocabulary

More than 50% more medical specialty and subspecialty specific terms


Flexible Input

Use an iPhone or Android phone via a remote connection with the Microphone Appon

Streamline workflow

Hidden Mode creates a transparent dictation box allowing physicians to multitask

Customized Macros

Enter frequently dictated text and images with a single voice command

Save time

Reduce time spent generating documents by 30 minutes or more per day

Supports HIPAA guidelines

Protect sensitive and confidential speech files with encrypted network file storage

Smart Configuration

Software automatically sets up recommended configuration to optimize performance

Recognition Analytics

Automatic advice for how to solve subpar audio input connection problems

Increase practice volume

More precise recognition saves time allowing physicians and clinicians to provide better patient care and increase overall practice revenue

Nuance Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade From 2

Only for Users That Already Own Dragon Medical Practice Version 2

(2-4 business days)

- Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 Upgrade CD-Rom

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