Which Dragon is Best for You?

2 Great Ways to Start Saving Time Today


Dragon Medical One (DMO)

  • Cloud Based Solution

  • The Latest in Medical Voice Recognition

  • Ideal For Use on Multiple Devices

  • Monthly Subscription

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (DMPE4)

  • Locally Installed Solution

  • Allows for Back-End Transcription with Recording Device

  • Ideal For Users With Weak / Inconsistent Internet

  • One Time Payment


In the Fall of 2019 Dragon Medical One was released into the Canadian marketplace. This cloud based solution is also known as Dragon One, or DMO. Below is a short overview of the pro’s and con’s when Dragon Medical One is compared to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, also know as Dragon Medical 4, Dragon Version 4, or DMPE4, was released in 2018. It is a locally installed solution and the newest in the Dragon Medical Practice Edition brand. While DMO is newer than DMPE4, it is not necessarily an upgrade as the two products are completely distinct from one another. Instead of being an upgrade from Medical V4, Dragon Medical One is the first in a new line of cloud based voice recognition products.


Both these version of Dragon will allow you to dictate instead of typing, and have the ability to create custom commands and templates within Dragon itself helping you to save even more time. They both have unique user profiles to allow for individual customization of a profile. They are both per user licensing, but can be used on multiple devices for a single user. Finally, it is important to note that both products are exclusively Windows software.


Because Dragon Medical One is cloud based there are some significant differences. Firstly, your unique user profile is stored in the cloud, so if you’re going to be dictating on multiple devices DMO will make accessing your profile simple. Likewise, since the actual processing occurs in the cloud there is minimal demand on your computer. DMO is excellent at understanding accents, resulting in exceptional initial accuracy for all users. Finally, Dragon One allows users to sync their cell phone directly with the computer allowing them to use their phone as mobile microphone with no limit on range.

The one limitation to the cloud based software is that it is dependent on the internet. If you have very slow internet, you may wish to consider Dragon Version 4 instead. Additionally, there is one feature in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 that is not available in Dragon Medical One, and that is back end voice transcriptions. This is when users record themselves on a Dictaphone to later be transcribed by Dragon.

If you have any further questions about the pro’s and con’s of either Dragon Version 4 or Dragon One please give us a call so we can learn more about your unique situations. Contact Us Today