Tutorial #15: Customizing the Dictation Box

This tutorial takes you through the steps for customizing the Dictation Box, focusing on its transparency and location in Hidden Mode, the most effective tool for dictating in the background.

Customizing the Dictation Box

The dictation box is a very useful tool for dictating in the background as well as in unsupported applications. Part of its usefulness is the variety of customization options you have including its visibility level in hidden mode, how it opens, when it opens and much more. Please explore the options as you feel fit. If you ever experience issues that you can’t resolve, please navigate back to the options and simply click “Restore Defaults”

  1. Launch Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, if it isn't already open, by double clicking the desktop icon, clicking the icon on the taskbar if present, or by simply opening the start menu in windows and typing in "Dragon Medical Practice Edition," and then pressing enter

  2. Once Dragon opens, either select a profile to load or, if you have only one profile, wait for Dragon to load your profile

  3. Click on "Tools" on the Dragon Bar

  4. Click "Options..."

  5. When the options window opens, click on the "Dictation Box" tab

  6. Change the settings to your liking and then click "Ok" when finished