Tutorial #17: Properly Correcting Words

This video walks you through The proper way to correct words in Dragon. Correcting words properly is imperative to allow the software to adapt to your voice.

Correcting Words

This is arguably the single most important feature in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. This feature allows Dragon the recognize that it has chosen the wrong word and learn to not repeat the mistake. This feature should only be used if Dragon made a mistake on a correct dictation.

  1. After a dictation, if Dragon made a mistake for instance, it had typed “Osteo-myeltitis” instead of “Osteomyelitis” you would want to make a correction.

  2. Simply dictate “Select” followed by the word that Dragon got incorrect. I.E. “Select Osteo-myletitis”

  3. Next, check to see if your word appears on the drop down list, if so you can click it with your mouse, or dictate “Choose” followed by the appropriate choice

  4. If the word is not in the drop down, simply dictate “Spell That” or click on the Spell that option on the bottom of the drop down menu

  5. From the Spell That menu you may now type the wanted word into the search bar and choose it when it appears.

    Important notes:

    Only use the correction menu if Dragon makes an error. In the even you simply want to change a word you had dictated, selec the word using the command “Select” followed by the word you would like to change, and simply dictate over the word.

    If the word does not appear in the spell that menu, it must be added manually into the vocabulary (covered in another tutorial).